November 14-18th, 2018
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
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Shenzhen Downtown - Convention & Exhibition Center

Shenzhen Airport - Convention & Exhibition Center:
>> Airport No.9 shuttle bus will take you directly to the Convention Center.
Take Metro Line 1 to directly reach the Convention & Exhibition Center.
Shenzhen Train - Convention & Exhibition Center:
>> From Shenzhen station
Shenzhen station is the main train station in Shenzhen, with the line commencing at Luohu Port
You can take the Metro Line 1 to reach the Convention Center.
>> From Shenzhen West Railway Station
No. 229 Bus: West Railway Station - Convention Center South – Ningshui Garden Station
No. 353 Bus: West Railway Station - Convention Center South - Longgang Tongle Main Station.
Hong Kong Airport - Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center:
Hong Kong Airport - Kowloon train – Lo Hu - Metro Line 1 - Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Airport Hong Kong - Kowloon train - Lok Ma Chau - Metro Line 4 - Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Hong Kong Airport - Huanggang Port - Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Cost approximately RMB 20 by taxi)
Hong Kong downtown - Lo Wu Immigration - Convention & Exhibition Center:
We recommend you take the train from Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui East, to Shenzhen Luohu Port. After crossing immigration you can take a taxi to reach the convention Center in just 15 minutes,
or take No.337 bus, or use the Metro to directly reach the Convention Center.

Available stations/stops near Convention & Exhibition Center:

Shenzhen Metro Stations:
Convention Center station is the transfer station for Line 1 and Line 4. Come out from Exit D to enter the exhibition hall from the Convention Center North Gate.
Or you can take Line 1 or Line 3 to Gou Wu Gong Yuan station, and come out from Exit B to enter the hall from the Convention Center West Gate.
Bus stops:
Convention Centre North Gate (Fuhua 3rd Road): No.50, No.60, No. 76, No.375, No.379, No.K578A buses.
Convention Centre South Gate (Binhe Road): No.229, No.337, No.338, No.353, No.369, No.382, No.E13, No.J1 and No.K358 buses
Convention Centre West Gate (Yitianzhong Road): No.76, No.80, No.235, No.374, No.K359 and No.M223 buses.
Convention Center East Gate (Jintian Road): No.34 and No.K113 buses.
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